Cut the Cord With My Media One

Cut the Cord With My Media One

Are you tired of paying for multiple different streaming services every month? Well you arnt alone! More and more people are trying to get rid of high cost of cable tv billing as well as paying for different streaming services like netflix, hulu  disney+ etc. IPTV is the best way to replace them as well as save money. But with so many IPTV providers how does one even go on to select one?.

To truely benefit from IPTV one needs to consider a few points.

  1. Channels

Different IPTV providers have different channels. Here at My Media One we have a growing list of  News/Sport/Movies/Kids/Document/Movies/Adult channels which is very important to truly enjoy IPTV.

  1. Stable IPTV

Most Low cost IPTV are not stable and result in frequent disconnections. With unstable IPTV , Issues such as buffering, freezing and no signal will give you a headache. That’s why My Media One IPTV is one of the most stable IPTV with 99.9% uptime and if you face any issues our support crew is always here to help you out.

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  1. Area Limit

Our IPTV works worldwide without any issues as we strive to serve the best in IPTV business.


My Media One IPTV provides 7500+ channels and 2000+ VOD. All our channels are stable and work without any issues and switching from one channel is as fast as the speed of light.

That is why My Media One IPTV is one of the best IPTV of 2021 as well as the most trending IPTV service

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